BCPSone & Schoology Resources

 BCPS ONE Learning at Home Tips

BCPSone and Schoology Access
  • Students and parents may access continuity of learning resources from BCPS by logging into BCPSone and Schoology using their student or parent account.
  • All students have a BCPSone username and password. Please contact your child's teacher if your child does not have his/her username and password.

 Tech Support

  • As students begin distance learning on April 6th, 2020, tech support will be available for students using BCPS devices.
  • BCPS has created a Technology Support Resources webpage. This webpage will allow users to search for resources regarding applications, connectivity, devices, and user accounts. Users may also request additional technology support from the webpage. 


Muchos recursos para BCPSone y Schoology también están disponibles en español.