Title One

Title I and Parent Involvement

The Title I District Level Parent Involvement Plan is jointly developed with parents and is aligned to Baltimore County Public Schools’ Parent Involvement Policy and outlines efforts to involve parents in the district’s activities.

Updated copies of the school-level Parent Involvement Plan and the Family Engagement Compact are available at the school during the year. 

For more information about Title I, visit the BCPS Office of Title I website.

Mrs. Laurie Slack
Title One Parent Service Coordinator

Mrs. Slack brings many years of successfully working with students, staff, and parents. Mrs. Slack serves as a link between the school, parents and the community. She is an additional contact person for parents with questions about school services or specific activities or events. She will be contacting parents to volunteer & attend events at the school. She will be encouraging parents to participate in activities that provide parent learning, decision- making, and access to information relative to instructional programs and state standards.

Mrs. Slack can be reached at and she may also be reached at 443-809-1408 between the hours of 9 am – 3 pm.