Kindergarten and Pre-K Registration Information

Registering your child for school is mandated by state law. Please call our administrative secretary Vickie Noseworthy at 443-809-1408 to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

When can I register my child for Pre-K?
Registration begins at the end of April for the upcoming school year. Students need to 4 years of age by September 1st to enter the pre-k program.

When is my child eligible for Kindergarten?
Under Maryland law, children may be registered for the Kindergarten program if they are 5 by September 1st.

What do I need to bring to the school when I register my child?
✓Lease Agreement or mortgage coupon book to verify your residence
✓If you are living with another family, you are considered to have a Multiple Residence and you need to contact Anna Messmer, Residence Officer for BCPS at 410-887-7474 in order to certify your residency in our school district.
✓Parent or Guardian Valid Photo ID (Driver's license or Motor Vehicle Administration Photo ID)
✓Three pieces of current mail that has been delivered to your residence- Utility bills, etc.
✓The child's birth certificate
✓If your child is transferring from another school, it would be helpful if you could bring the Maryland transfer form, current report card and health cards. Also, a current IEP if applicable.