Math Resources

BCPS Math Resources

All students have access online to free math programs. Students can use the Instructional and Productivity Tools section of BCPSOne to access:

  • Dreambox which has over 1,800 customized math lessons presented as animated adventures, games, and challenges.
  • Pearson which has grade level curriculum resources for students in grades 3-5.

Additional Math Resources

Additional resources and ideas will be updated regularly below:

  • Have a math scavenger hunt at home! Challenge your child to see  how many items they can find around the house or outside in the neighborhood. As they find items that illustrate the various concepts, they can either describe their findings in writing, or they can take a picture of it. Visit the Envision Blog for more information!

    Math Principle: Counting

    Examples: Find multiple numbers of the same object, such as: eggs in a carton, roses in a garden, or windows in a building. How many do you see?

    Math Principle: Addition

    Examples: Mom adds her money to Dad’s, two teams meet on a playing field, or the total number of windows in a building when a new floor is added (on a construction site). Represent your find as an addition problem.

    Math Principle: Subtraction

    Examples: A sale sign says $5 off, trees are chopped down in a forest, or someone removes eggs from the carton. Represent your find as a subtraction problem.

    Math Principle: Shapes and Geometry

    Examples: Windows, signs, pavers or bricks (rectangles), a ball (sphere), a plate (circle), lines in the cross-section of a log (concentric circles) or a pool table ball rack (triangle). How many shapes can you find, and what are the definitions of those shapes?

    Math Principle: Fractions or Division

    Examples: A sale sign says 10% off, 3 eggs are gone from the carton, half of an apple, or a section of an orange. Represent your find as a division problem, a fraction, a percent, or all of the above.